Updated November 11, 2018

Designing the right pavement for the right facility just got easier, thanks to, a FREE web-based pavement design tool for streets and local roads, parking lots, and intermodal/industrial facilities.   You can choose from jointed plain concrete pavement, roller compacted concrete pavement, continuously reinforced pavement, and composite pavement.

Need a video tutorial on how to use to design a pavement? Want to understand more about cement-based pavement solutions and the best practices for designing them? Or possibly you need a design drawing, specification, or would like to explore where a solution has been implemented? Click here.

High-Type Roadways

For major facilities owned and operated by PennDOT or the Turnpike, please refer to PavementME and be guided by PennDOT Publication 242 for designing these high-type facilities.   

Other Design Tools

If you are wanting to design a concrete pavement with other design tools, great!  We respectfully suggest using tools that have undergone rigorous use and validation over many years, including PavementME, AASHTO 93, StreetPave and WinPAS.  We ask professionals to exercise caution if considering using our competitor’s software program for comparable designs because of black-box adjustment factors, arbitrary limits on input variables that do not align with industry standards, and imposition of design requirements where user-input is customary and warranted.

Wanting to design a flexible pavement?  You’ve come to the wrong place. We won’t pretend to be experts with our competitor’s product and wish not to misguide you in any way.