ACPA/PA Presents

John Becker and Rich Jucha will be speaking at the APC/PennDOT/Turnpike Fall Seminar about Concrete Pavement Innovations on Thursday November 17, 2022, from 3:00 to 3:30 at the Cocoa Terrace/Cocoa Room at the Hershey Lodge. Please stop by to hear about innovative approaches being developed and implemented for improving the durability and cost-effectiveness of long-life concrete pavements.  

Every Day Should be Focus on Safety Day

ACPA/PA Legislative Dinner

Benefits of Competition

PennDOT, as a monopsony, is in a unique position to influence the level of competition in the paving market.  As has been documented in several studies, including most recently from work published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, healthy competition in the paving market enhances quality, it stimulates investments in people and new equipment, and it lowers unit costs for both asphalt and concrete pavement. Click on the following article from the latest edition of Concrete Pavement Progress to learn more about how Pavement Type Competition Benefits Owners and Taxpayers