As a member, you become part of the group that shapes the future course of the concrete pavement industry in Pennsylvania. Please click here or scroll down for information about the benefits of membership.   



The ACPA Pennsylvania Chapter is recognized as the voice of the concrete paving industry in the state of Pennsylvania. ACPA, Pennsylvania Chapter members and a professional staff work together with public agencies and private businesses in conceptualization, design, and construction of high-performance pavements. This partnership has gained international recognition for concrete pavement innovation in Pennsylvania.

In addition to the primary focus of promoting concrete pavements statewide, the ACPA, Pennsylvania Chapter facilitates gatherings of Contractor and Associate members, and customers for peer exchange and fellowship.

  • Advocacy
    • Advocacy Support with Local, State, and National Elected Officials and Governmental Agencies
  • Affiliations
    • American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) Membership
    • National CP Tech Center
  • Association Events
    • Annual Concrete Paving Workshop
  • Awards/Recognitions
    • State Concrete Paving Awards
    • National ACPA Awards Submissions
  • Governance 
    • As a member, you are eligible to serve on the Board of the ACPA Pennsylvania Chapter.  *Visiting Members are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or have a voting voice in the Association.
  • Certifications/Seminars
    • Professional Development Hours (PDH) Credit
    • Educational and Training Programs
    • State, Regional, and National Seminar and Webinar Announcements
  • Committees/Task Groups
    • Committee and Task Group Participation
      Budget & Finance, CPR (Concrete Pavement Restoration), Municipal, Nominating, Quality, Political Awareness, Specifications, and Workshop Planning.
  • Discounts
    • Concrete Paving Workshop Registration
    • Publications and Media
    • Various Programs Outside of ACPA, Pennsylvania Chapter
  • Information/Resources
    • mpartial Technical Information from ACPA, Pennsylvania Chapter Staff
    • ACPA, Pennsylvania Chapter’s Website and the Paving Profiles Newsletter with Lettings and Industry News
    • Access to Local, State, and National Communications
    • Public Relations Resource
    • Exhibit Displays and Promotional Materials
  • Professional Networking
    • Build a network revolving around your profession, industry, or projects with like-minded professionals.
    • Committee Involvement
    • ACPA, Pennsylvania Chapter Meetings and Events


Updated October 17, 2017