Both the Department and the Turnpike are including in major concrete paving projects a requirement that a four to six hour JIT2 session be conducted prior to placement of the first square yard of concrete pavement.  If you would like for ACPA/PA to provide this training for your contract, please contact the Chapter at Pennsylvania@ACPA.org for a price quote.

We of course perform JIT2 services for other projects as well. If you are an owner agency or a member of the Chapter, please let us know if we can be of assistance to you.



The Chapter hosted a one-day training session on pavement warranties.  Click here to view the recorded presentations from this event.



The Chapter hosted a three-hour webinar in advance of the first Long Life Concrete Pavement project advertised for bid in Pennsylvania.  Presentations included an overview of long-life concrete pavement, practices from other states, and one contractor’s experience with LLCP.  Come back soon to watch parts or all of this session.